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Chrystal Rose


Divine Energy International Ltd

I offer the following modalities:

Divine Energy Healing, Crystal Angel Light Worker, DEI Angelic Reiki, Pendragon Reiki, Violet Flame Rescue Flames Healing, Divine Feminine Reiki

At the following level:

Master Teacher

I offer the following services:


About me:

I'm a  spiritual medium since childhood, although I didn't become aware of this until my teens, as I thought it was 'normal'; I still maintain that everybody has the gift, but not everyone opens their present.

Vivid recurring dreams occurred from a young age, which involved de-ja-vu as I later saw the places in reality.  I also dreamt about cabbage white butterflies only to be greeted by a huge swarm in my garden the very next day!

My insight also protected me from harm on being propositioned by a child snatcher at around the age of 5 and I managed to escape his evil intent.

Later when a spirit sat in the back seats of my mini, on slamming on the brakes (as you do when confronted by a large dark shadow of a man) I found them ineffective and managed to use my handbrake to safely arrive home. My Dad then reliably informed me that this had probably been Granddad and promptly went back to sleep.

As an adult I have witnessed spirits as alive as you or I;  although much more frequently I see images in my minds eye to interpret for others.

Having self taught myself Tarot in my teens, later on I found myself drawn to Angel Tarot & Oracle Cards: Basically, these act as divination tools whilst providing a link with the Angelic Hierarchy giving accurate and positive divine guidance in a safe spiritual environment. The same goes for tea leaves, palm reading, scrying, runes, psychometry or any preferred method.

I work mainly clairvoyantly (seeing in my minds eye) and clairsentiently (sensing with feelings). My gift is both psychic and mediumistic.

Healing , although initially a hobby is a passion of mine and I like nothing more than to provide beneficial treatments for mind, body and spirit using Angelic, Divine and Crystal therapies.

Having channeled my own modality of Divine Healing, it is now my life’s work to spread this powerful energy across the globe, to all living beings.

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