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A World Where Divine Energy Is For All

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Divine Energy International holds space for practitioners who ascribe to our values, to share divine energy for the highest good of all.

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About DEI

We are a membership body for practitioners and teachers of Divine Energy Healing (DEH) and other approved International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) energy healing systems.

We aim to maintain the integrity and essence of the Energy Healing modalities we encompass, by monitoring training standards and supporting both Practitioners and Master Teachers and also providing a public information platform.

Our DEI Accredited Modalities Include...

Energy Healing

Divine Energy Healing

A Modern Day Reiki

Divine Energy Healing (DEH) is an attunement-based energy healing system channelled by Chrystal Rose Addison in 2019.  It was accredited as a healing modality in early 2020 by the International Institute of Therapists (IOATH).  The training and manuals have been designed to reflect National Occupational Standards for Healing.


Crystal Angel Lightworker

A 3 tiered

Crystal Healing Course

The tuition is in 3 sections: the first is everything you need to know to be a Practitioner. The second focuses on creating sacred geometric grids, including ArchAngel Metatron's Cube, and during the third, you will receive your Crystalline Lightbody Activation.

Reiki Treatment

DEI Angelic Reiki

Based upon the original teachings of the originator Kevin Core

Taught over two courses:  

DEI Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 (Practitioner)

DEI Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 (Teacher)

Gifted to us with divine intention, the attunements are activated via the angelic kingdom of light. Your own guardian (healing) angel will work alongside you for life.

Our Partners

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"On a personal level, DEH has helped me to battle my own health issues.  It's the best modality I have trained in."

Lynne-Marie Vaughan (MT)